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Apr 30, 2023

PlayPSVR discusses why Moss Book II is a must play for all PSVR2 users and what games you should purchase during the first ever batch of sales for the new headset! There are also new game announcements to cover and get hyped for!

Apr 24, 2023

PlayPSVR hosts a special guest:  BRUCE!  If you don't know Bruce we are going to fix that real quick.  We discuss Afterlife VR and the treasure trove of new game announcements and news that dropped this week while coming as close as we ever will to vomiting live

Apr 17, 2023

PlayPSVR covers Moss Book 1 for the PSVR2, Hons VR Prescription lenses, Walking Dead Saints and Sinners as well as topics including: most downloaded games for the PSVR2, upcoming games, top news and Firewall Ultra.  

Apr 11, 2023

PlayPSVR breaks down Song In The Smoke: Rekindled as well as Seeker: My Shadow?  Will they be found guilty from the esteemed gaming court?  We also review the Kobra VR Vader One gun stock as well as discuss the biggest PSVR2 news this week.  Strap in, get comfortable and prepare to become intimate. 

Apr 4, 2023

We discuss Before Your Eyes, and JayBratt answers the questions that keep Alex up at night worrying about VR.