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Jun 29, 2023

C Smash VRS is out!  And it's great! And Adam loves it!  He tells you why you should play so you can challenge him.  June days rolls on with no end in sight as Alex FINALLY plays RE8. 

Jun 18, 2023

GAMES GALORE!  There's so many games we almost needed an entire episode to talk about them.  We cover Cosmodread for the PSVR2 and discuss the magic of June Days

Jun 14, 2023

Adam finally does it.  He does it.  FOR YOU!  He played Tetris Effect for the PSVR2.  And he's comin' in hot with opinions.  June days is well on it's way and Alex is in heaven.  There are so many game announcements we can't keep them straight but we try.  For the people!

Jun 6, 2023

Adam's finally back, and he's bringing his thoughts about Humanity and Nock, while Alex tries to explain what he's seen in Red Matter 2. We also talk about the Playstation Showcase, and prepare you for JUNE DAYS!