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Aug 14, 2023

The PlayPSVR crew discusses VR Skater and why the only thing holding it back from being a PSVR2 classic is its price. Which games are the most downloaded for the PSVR2 last month and is there an argument to be made that the PSVR2 has no games since launch?

Aug 7, 2023

The PlayPSVR crew dives into what makes Synapse such a great addition to the PSVR2 library.  We also discuss the latest with Firewall Ultra, VR Skater and more upcoming titles.  Hold onto your butts for some sales, lively conversation and as always, the dealing of the beans

Aug 2, 2023

Alex and Adam meet!  We take a break from hitting on the babes from the AFE to talk some PSVR2.  There's tons of sales, new releases, dating strategies and we play "What is Adam Playing?", a fun new game that will end up with one of us eating a bean.  Join us for the tomfoolery and loads...